beware! cute halloween banner freebie

Well hello there …

Welcome to our first ever blog post! We are so glad you found us! And what better month to start than this.. getting to dress up and scare people what not to love right ??!!

Halloween is one of our favourite holidays! All the candy, scary movies and you can’t forget the monster mash!  So here we are are with our first ever FREEBIE!!! You don’t want to BOOhoo and miss this! ?? Get it .. BOOhoo!!

This Halloween banner is sure to have everyone knocking at your door to get the inside scoop on where you got it from …. well maybee not, maybee just knocking to get candy!  But serious hang it in a doorway or over a window, or on a mantle like you see here … add some pumpkins and you have the perfect spooky .. well okay not that spooky .. more cute than spooky Halloween decor! .. lets get to the good part!!

(can you spot the cute banner in the background ) !! You may be asking yourself, wait, what!! where did you get those cute tags on the pumpkins ? Well .. for that you have to sign up for our newsletter on the landing page of our website !


What you will need

• printer    • scissors     • string    • ribbon (of your choice)    • hole punch
• the downloadable file (click here)

Getting started

  1. First print the document on a white cardstock ! I just used my cheap cannon maxify printer and it did a great job!
  2. Cut around the dotted lines, whole punch the circles and thread the string through (here is an awesome u tube video on how to string a banner incase your just not getting it like me hahah
  3. how to thread a banner
  4. Once you have the string through the banner you want to add the ribbon in between the triangles 🙂 I got mine from Micheals here

Once you have that done you hang it … complete …. now wasn’t that easy !! Now it’s time to eat that Halloween candy that I bought early and said to no one that it will last until Halloween 🙂 !


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