hi I’m Jenica, Jen as most people call me! Art runs in my family, so I came by it naturally. As a kid I would spend hours on colouring contests and my drawings! Fast forward to college where I graduated from Fanshawe with a Degree in Graphic Design. This led me to the printing and design industry, where I worked and learned so much for 10 yrs. I still thought I was missing something in life, so before starting a family, I established a small company which I designed wedding stationery. 

After having my first child, my hubby and I moved to a farm, outside Ilderton, Ont. Canada. We decided at this point I would  stay home and raise the family!

It wasn’t until my kids started school that I feel like I found what I was missing all these years… partnering with Danielle has really ignited my passion for design and a love for creating and collaborating on new styles and designs. Now that my kids are more independent, I have the time to create daily designs. I am truly loving life!


In grade 3 I entered a Christmas greeting card contest at school and won. It was a simple poinsettia design in red on  a shiny linen textured card stock. I still have it in my memory box. From then on I used to create my own patterns and cards and my parents even let me sell them at the end of the driveway using the lemonade stand. A city bus stopped once to purchase my rainbow and bubble gum ball design rendered in markers on a church donation envelope. 

in the year 2000, I graduated from Fanshawe College with my Bachelor of Art in Graphic Design. My first job was at an ad agency that then later became a print shop. This is where I learned all about the printing world. From there I worked at a greeting card company and then transitioned into their special projects department where gift bags, gift wrap and fun new concepts were created. I was there for about 5 years when the business closed. I was devastated, this job was a perfect fit. My portfolio was so focused on Stationery that I felt it would be hard to make my way back into other design niches. This is when I decided to freelance and was able to keep many connections from these past employers and continue working in Stationery.

For almost 15 years now I have been working from home offering custom illustration, surface/graphic design and even some sign and mural painting from time to time. I really love where my career has taken me and the fact that I can be flexible for my family and life is something I could never trade in.

our story

Jenica and I both met at the local farmers market about 10 years ago. I was very pregnant with my son and selling my printed cards under a tent. Jenica came over and said “You do what I do! I do what you do!” She also was a graphic designer with a very similar style, worked at a print shop (she was at M&T and I was at T&M!) and lived in the same small town. She too was about to have her second child. Her husband even went to high school with me! There were so many similarities between us. Not to mention she was just the most lovely person you had every met – how could we not be friends.

Over the years we would see each other at kids sporting events and then a few times called on each other to pick up some overflow in each others design jobs. One day about 4 years back, we decided we should get to know each other better over coffee. By the end of our lattes, we had a plan to join forces and sell our art online. It just made sense.

Our shop has now grown and morphed with the trends and even adjusted over the covid years from selling invites and party printables to now offering clipart, custom illustration, wallpaper and fabric.

Please stop in often as we continue to come up with new themes and challenge ourselves with new ideas and products.

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